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Co-presented by the American Cinematheque and Luce Cinecittà, under the Auspices of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles. Supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture-Film Department, Alcantara, Luxottica. Technical Sponsors: Leading Hotels of the World, Rossano Ferretti. In collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission and the Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles.

CinemaItalianStyle 2015 supports The World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate global climate communication program and their Film4Climate initiative, and
Daybreak -Children's Rare Disease Fund, to save thousands of lives from rare genetic diseases.

Join us at the Egyptian and Aero Theatres for our annual celebration of Italian cinema! The latest film from acclaimed director Paolo Sorrentino, YOUTH, will play at AFI FEST just before our series kicks into gear with Italy’s official Oscar submission for Best Foreign-Language Film, DON’T BE BAD. This final film from writer-director Claudio Caligari looks at two friends pulled in different directions by nightlife and criminal activity in the 1990s on the outskirts of Rome.

The underworld of Milan is the milieu of ITALIAN GANGSTERS, a fascinating docudrama about the city’s most notorious post-WWII figures, intercutting archival footage and actors speaking the gangsters’ actual words. Much of this year’s dramatic fare revolves around family, including Nanni Moretti’s MY MOTHER, a look at a stressed-out filmmaker (Margherita Buy) whose mother is facing her final days. Death also hangs in the air in Piero Messina’s THE WAIT, in which Juliette Binoche cannot bring herself to tell her son’s fiancée that the young man has just died. Awkward communications plague the two couples at THE DINNER, Ivano De Matteo’s piercing examination of how close violence is to all of our lives.

A dinner get-together under happier circumstances drives Francesca Archibugi’s comedy AN ITALIAN NAME, about the question faced by all parents: What should I call my child? Francesco Scianna plays the title character in Cristina Comencini’s LATIN LOVER, whose many ex-wives and daughters gather to hilarious effect to remember his career as an actor. In this year’s Nastro d'Argento winner for Best Comedy, THE LEGENDARY GIULIA isn’t a person but an automobile that comes into play when three friends (including director Edoardo Leo) team to start an agritourism business. Italian box office hit GOD WILLING throws an arrogant atheist father off balance when his son declares his intention to join the priesthood. And Margherita Buy appears in romantic comedy mode as half (with Sabrina Ferilli) of the female couple in ME, MYSELF AND HER by Maria Sole Tognazzi.

All films are in Italian with English subtitles, unless otherwise noted. Series compiled by Laura Delli Colli and Camilla Cormanni with the assistance of Gwen Deglise. Program notes by John Hagelston.

November 12 – 6:30 PM


Co-presented with AFI FEST: Italy’s Official Oscar Submission! Los Angeles Premiere! DON’T BE BAD (NON ESSERE CATTIVO), 2015, Production: Kimerafilm, Rai Cinema, Taodue Film, Leone Film Group; Distribution: Rai Com, 101 min. The final film from writer-director Claudio Caligari follows friends Cesare (Luca Marinelli) and Vittorio (Alessandro Borghi) around the outskirts of Rome in Ostia, where the fast-moving nightlife of the 1990s threatens to pull them apart. This Pasolini-esque crime drama won eight awards at the Venice International Film Festival. In Italian with English subtitles.

Introduction by actors Alessandro Borghi, Luca Marinelli and producer Valerio Mastandrea. Artistic delegation from CIS selection in attendance. Red-carpet arrivals begin at 5:45 PM. The evening starts at 6:30 PM with the Cinema Italian Style opening ceremony, including the presentation of CIS awards. Feature starts at 7:00 PM.

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November 13 – 7:30 PM


Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! AN ITALIAN NAME (IL NOME DEL FIGLIO), 2015, Films Distribution, 94 min. Dir. Francesca Archibugi. Based on the recent French film WHAT’S IN A NAME?, this boisterous comedy starts simply enough, at a dinner party where soon-to-be parents Alessandro Gassmann and Micaela Ramazzotti (both Nastro d'Argento winners) hope to enjoy an evening with some old friends (Valeria Golino, Luigi Lo Cascio and Rocco Papaleo). But all hell breaks loose when the subject of the child’s name is broached. In Italian with English subtitles.
Los Angeles Premiere! THE DINNER (I NOSTRI RAGAZZI), 2014, Film Movement, 92 min. Dir. Ivano De Matteo. This superb adaptation of Herman Koch’s bestseller will give any parent nightmares. Pediatrician Luigi Lo Cascio and lawyer Alessandro Gassmann dine together every week with their wives; they have a lot to talk about when video surfaces that could implicate their teenage kids in the death of a homeless woman. De Matteo skillfully plays on audience assumptions from start to devastating finish in this look at how close violence remains to even the most placid surface. 

In Italian with English subtitles.

AN ITALIAN NAME director Francesca Archibugi will introduce the first feature. Program also includes a short film presented in collaboration with Roma Creative Contest: TWO LEFT FEET (DUE PIEDI SINISTRI) – 2015, Lea Film, 6’ Dir. Isabella Salvetti. In a working class neighborhood of Rome, Mirko plays football with his friends. He meets Luana, who is just sitting there. The two like each other at first, but a bad surprise leaves Mirko breathless. Luana instead smiles happy, maybe for the first time in her life.

November 14 - 4:30 PM


THE WAIT (L’ATTESA), 2015, 100 min. Dir. Piero Messina. In her villa in Sicily, Anna (Juliette Binoche) is mourning her son Giuseppe when his fiancée (Lou de Laâge) arrives to spend Easter weekend with him. Unable to break the news to the young woman, Anna allows her to wait for Giuseppe, getting to know this link to her son a little better before the truth inevitably emerges. Messina earned a Golden Lion nomination at the Venice Film Festival for this stylish feature debut. “Benefiting enormously from its evocative Sicilian setting, this widescreen experience makes bewitching use of space, time and sound, creating an almost meditative atmosphere.” - Peter Debruge, Variety.

In Italian and French with English subtitles.

THE WAIT director Piero Messina will introduce the screening

November 14 – 7:30 PM


Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! ME, MYSELF AND HER (IO E LEI), 2015, Lucky Red, 97 min. Dir. Maria Sole Tognazzi. Perhaps Italy’s first romantic comedy with a female couple at the center, ME, MYSELF AND HER stars Sabrina Ferilli as happily out restaurateur Marina and Margherita Buy (from Tognazzi’s previous A FIVE STAR LIFE) as Federica, a previously married architect whose fear of what others might think gives her pause about the relationship. With a light tone, this warm look at the everyday struggles of two people to build a life together strikes a universal chord. In Italian with English subtitles.
Los Angeles Premiere! GOD WILLING (SE DIO VUOLE), 2015, Intramovies, 87 min. Edoardo Maria Falcone earned David di Donatello and Nastro d’Argento Best New Director awards for this knowing father-son comedy. Alessandro Gassmann stars as a priest hilariously stalked by arrogant cardiac surgeon Tommaso (Marco Giallini), an avowed atheist who is thrown for a loop by an announcement from his only son (Enrico Oetiker) – the young man wants to become a priest, too. A box office hit in Italy.

In Italian with English subtitles. 

ME, MYSELF AND HER director Maria Sole Tognazzi will introduce the first feature. Program also includes a short film presented in collaboration with Roma Creative Contest: DEAR SUSIE 2015, 3Pr. Nicolò Cafieri, Tommaso Fumagalli Dir. Leopoldo Caggiano. The obsessive love story between a shy Italian boy and an American girl.

November 15 – 5:00 PM


Los Angeles Premiere! LATIN LOVER, 2015, Rai Com, 104 min. Dir. Cristina Comencini. Italian actor Saverio (a charismatic Francesco Scianna) personified the Latin lover of the title, portraying a legion of romantic leads onscreen and fathering five daughters (each with a different woman). Ten years after Saverio’s death, his hometown of Apulia stages a memorial, bringing ex-wives, children and former associates together to regrind old axes. Beginning with this ensemble comedy setup, LATIN LOVER ultimately emerges as a love letter to the glory days of Italian film. With Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marisa Paredes and Virna Lisi (in her final performance).

 In Italian with English subtitles. 

November 15 – 7:30 PM


Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! THE LEGENDARY GIULIA AND OTHER MIRACLES (NOI E LA GIULIA), 2015, Intramovies, 115 min. Dir. Edoardo Leo. Diego (Luca Argentero), Claudio (Stefano Fresi) and Fausto (director Leo) are all busts at their respective occupations and leave the city for an abandoned farm they hope to turn into a magnet for tourists. The boys have to think fast when the local mafia tries to muscle in on things, but a buried car (the Alfa Romeo Giulia of the title) that plays classical music becomes a surprise attraction. A Nastro d'Argento winner for Best Comedy and Supporting Actor Claudio Amendola. In Italian with English subtitles.

Los Angeles Premiere! ITALIAN GANGSTERS, 2015, Minerva Pictures, 87 min. Dir. Renato De Maria. This unusual docudrama presents a rogue’s gallery of criminals from postwar Milan, painting multifaceted portraits of such notorious underworld figures as Enzo Barbieri and Paolo Casaroli. Cut together in rat-a-tat style, archival footage, scenes from films and actors speaking the gangsters’ own words resurrect both these larger-than life characters and a freewheeling (if dangerous) era of Italian history. “The mastery and excitement that Italian cinema was once known for springs to life again in ITALIAN GANGSTERS.” - Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter.

In Italian with English subtitles.

Program also includes a short film presented in collaboration with Roma Creative Contest: SHARON’S NUMBER (IL NUMERO DI SHARON)2015, 5’,Pr: Associazione Culturale Premio Solinas, Dir: Roberto Gagnor. Andrea knows Lisa on “chat roulette”, where you chat with whoever turns up. When she’s dictating her phone number to him, a lightning strikes a trellis and the country goes in blackout… He missed the last three digits and he decides to try a thousand of possible combinations.

November 16 – 7:30 PM


Los Angeles Premiere! MY MOTHER (MIA MADRE), 2015, Alchemy, 106 min. Filmmaker Nanni Moretti’s latest may have a touch of autobiography to it; the film profiles a director (David di Donatello Award winner Margherita Buy) under both personal and professional duress. As her mother (Giulia Lazzarini) lies in a hospital bed nearing the end of her life, Margherita’s current production hits a snag in the person of its difficult lead actor (John Turturro, providing some nice comic relief). This moving new drama took home the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. In Italian and English with English subtitles. 

Director Nanni Moretti and actor John Turturro will introduce the screening

Program begins with the short film

LA BALLATA DEI SENZATETTO (THE BALLAD OF THE HOMELESS) 2015, 8’50’’ by director and creative designer Monica Manganelli, prod. Independent Revolution, a poetic and surreal journey into the lands devastated by the earthquake in Emilia (2012), through the eyes of a child (Tommy, the protagonist) and his friend, a snail. Together they face and discover the values of solidarity, hope and will see the rebirth of the land. Winner of the best animation prize at L.A. Shorts Film Fest.
The program and also includes a short film presented in collaboration with Roma Creative Contest: ZINI’ AND AMI’ (ZINI’ E AMI’) – 2015, 5’ Pr.: Associazione Culturale Premio Solinas, Dir. by: Pierluca Di Pasquale. After a failed relationship, Zinì buys Amì, an android prototype that is virtually perfect and programmed to like most of the things he does. While things go smoothly at first, Amì develops a bug in her operating system and no one is able to find a solution.

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